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It’s traditional for the bride and her bridesmaids to carry a bouquet as they walk down the aisle. But today’s brides are looking more and more to ways to depart from tradition. Some don’t like what those traditions represent, and others just want to make their weddings more personal. Some just want to find ways to save money on what is often a very expensive ceremony and celebration.

You can carry just about anything in your hands as you walk down the aisle, ranging from a collection of wildflowers to a stuffed animal. Just be creative and put together unusual items to come up with something fun and interesting.

Here are a few ideas for bouquet alternatives:

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Paper Flowers

If you like the traditional look of flowers but you don’t like the cost and you don’t like the cost of real flowers, you can get a similar look with paper flowers.
You can create everything from roses to posies with paper, and there are many tutorials online showing you how to do it. Use solid-colored paper or experiment with different papers like dictionary pages or sheet music. You can also create an ombre look by graduating the colors of the paper.

Dried Flowers

You can get real flowers but still create a different look by carrying dried flowers instead.
Order your bouquet ahead of time then hang it to dry. Or purchase dried wildflowers such as lavender and marigold to create a rustic look. Your bouquet can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Another “special” touch is to add dried flowers from previous dates that you and your significant other have been on, as well as any dried blooms from parents or siblings.
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Button Bouquet

Buttons offer a quirky take on a traditional bouquet. Thread the buttons through wire stems and gather all the stems together in a bouquet. You can also use a styrofoam ball to mount the buttons and create a more traditional, rounded shape.

Experiment with stacking the buttons and using different sizes, styles and colors. You might also add a couple of brooches or earrings to the mix to add some interesting textures and visual accents. Have family and friends add their own special buttons and even help create this beautiful and unique masterpiece!
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Crochet or Fabric Flowers

If you are crafty, you can make flowers out of crochet or fabric also. Fabric tulips will last longer than the real thing, and crochet roses have a more vintage feel that could be perfect for your wedding. Search online to get some ideas and then host a party with your craft friends to make all the flowers for your bouquets.


One of the most unique and exciting trends of the year are combining copies of old and new photos of family past and present together in a “rolled” bouquet of paper flowers. This one of kind bouquet is precious to so many as you will carry generations past along with the couples families and friends together, symbolizing a unity on such a special day. This is a definite keepsake to pass down and for your children to add to as they marry.

The most difficult part about this type of bouquet is attaining the photos and learning how to make the paper roses – once you achieve this time consuming process, the out come is so worth it!
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Pine Cones and Greens

If you are having a fall wedding or are getting married in a rustic setting like a farm, a bouquet of pine cones and greens would be perfect.
You can easily make this bouquet yourself by gathering up what you may already have in your yard or what you could find on a hike. Put together pinecones with greens like ferns, nettles, pine needles, and more. Tie a burlap ribbon or a piece of twine around the bunch to finish it off.
Experiment with other materials that are special to you, like old records, costume jewelry, bits of fabric from special outfits, and more to create an interesting and unique alternative bouquet.



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