How to boost the fun factor in your photo booths

By September 10, 2013Wedding Ideas
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Have you ever heard anyone say they are having too much fun? Our guess is probably not. Because no matter how old or mature you happen to be, fun is like dessert – there is always room to have more. When planning your wedding it’s important to take into account the fun factor. And by fun we’re talking about pure, silly just-for-the-sake-of-it kind of fun. Enter the photo booth idea. A photo booth at your wedding will create instant enjoyment, almost as instant as the photos themselves.


If you like the idea of a photo booth and want to incorporate one into your wedding, this article is for you. Here we’ll give you insider’s tips on how to boost the levels of fun by extending the photo booth idea even further, bringing playfulness into your wedding, and creating a host of memories that will not be easily forgotten. Are you ready? Sit down and make yourself comfortable. We promise not to snap your photo in the meantime.

Amp up the sound

Let’s just imagine for a second that photo booths came with a backing soundtrack of comedic voices making funny and absurd little comments as you sit down to have your mug taken. Something that might sound a little like this as the occupants of the booth sit down. “Oh, man, too close, too close, I can see your nose hairs…now, ok, smile your biggest smile for me now…that’s it…no, not that big, missy. I didn’t ask to see your dinner!” If the thought of this kind of thing makes you amused, why not plant a tape reel inside the booth before the start of the wedding. If it’s really funny (and if your guests have had something to drink) it will make the photos all the more hilarious. Go on, give it a try. The only thing you can lose is your reputation.


This is another fun idea – this time involving paper and pen – exciting! Like the soundtrack idea, this one takes a little planning beforehand. Take paper and markers and write funny messages on them for people to hold while they pose for their shots. The signs should be lighthearted and playful, and, if done correctly, will add an extra layer of fun to your photos. Think something along the lines of: “Don’t look at me. It was her idea,” or “We met for the first time 5 minutes ago.” If you want to extend this idea further, try also leaving a stack of blank paper and pens for your guests to write their own messages.

Prop it up

Props are to photo booths what peanut butter is to jam. Quite simply, they go together. Try bringing along a box filled with dress-ups to your wedding. The props should all be easy to put on and take off, so no tuxedos or flapper dresses. Think more along the lines of top hats, feather boas and funny glasses. Really adventurous guests may decide to pose with a different prop in each photo so make sure to keep that dress up box stocked!

If you happen to fancy any of these ideas, feel free to borrow them for your own wedding. Go ahead and gather together the needed supplies, set them up in your wedding venue prior to your wedding then watch the magic unfold. Priceless!

*Check with a few Photobooth Hire companies as they may provide props & other fun inclusions!



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