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Bridal bouquets usually get tossed at receptions and single women scatter to catch this token of good luck. Many of these moments end up on funniest video shows on late night television. This bride was not going to risk this happening to her at all.

The wedding was stylish down to the trim on the napkins. Costs were whispered out loud by the bride, her mother and some women in the know. Twenty thousand dollar dress, eight thousand dollars for the venue. The guests got all the information via the grape vine.

Bouquet was made from St Joseph lilies from Italy, Orchids from Barbados and heather from Ireland. At three thousand dollars, it was not to be tossed to greedy hands. She had a less expensive bunch of flowers for this purpose. Guests got this information long before the call was made for all the single ladies.

Wherever the bride went, she carried her bouquet with her offering a close up view for all to see. Those that did not gasp or oohed and aahed enough were told the origin of each component. The bouquet got more attention from the bride than the groom. He did his rounds with her, waiting patiently for the whole bouquet show off to be repeated.

Finally the call was made for the toss of the bouquet. The bride threw a bunch of cheap white flowers at her guests. Nobody in particular dived to catch this and it landed with plop on the floor. Bride ordered groom to bring it back and she tossed it again. This time her sister jumped and pushed to get to it. Bride was happy and the reception could go on.

Later that evening, the first dance was announced. Bride carefully laid her bouquet down on her chair and went off to dance with her groom. Half way through the dance, her father cut in and groom returned to their table as bride did not have a mother for him to dance with. He watched his beautiful new wife with stars in his eyes.

The bride returned to her table on her dads arm. Her groom stood up from where he sat next to his own mom. The bride nearly fainted as crushed orchids and destroyed St Joseph’s lilies fell from his backside. Her screams filled the room as she dramatically fell down next to the chair swooping her destroyed bouquet into her arms.

Groom felt the fire in her gaze as he tried to console her shaking shoulders.

Bouquets can be used very creatively at weddings. Here are a few ideas:

• Officially hand it over to a person you want to honour or thank.
• Bouquets make for perfect head table flowers – have a place reserved for you to place it at your table.
• Some couples raffle the bouquet for honeymoon money.
• A bride once cut a single flower for each guest at her wedding from her bouquet and gave it as a thank you gift at the reception.
• Bouquets often get placed on graves of loved ones.
• The mother of the bride often gets gifted with these flowers as well.
• Another bride got her bouquet pinned to her hairdo and wore it like a crown of flowers as she entered the reception.

Do as you please with your bouquet as you only get to carry one of these at your wedding.


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