Bomboniere and the budgeting dilemma: 3 ways to save on your wedding favours

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Bomboniere. How could a word that sounds so charming and innocent be the cause of such stress? The concept of bomboniere sounds simple enough. As the hosts of your wedding, you and your partner will give little gifts as wedding favours to each of your guests, each of the gifts costing only a few dollars.  Bomboniere is a nice token – there’s no denying that. It’s a way of thanking your guests for being there and making them feel special. It’s understandable you’d like to partake in this fun custom, but is there a way to do so without breaking the bank? Here are a couple of suggestions so that you can have your bomboniere and enjoy it, too.

Double up

No one ever said bomboniere had to be in a category of its own. Save time, effort and money by combining your bomboniere with other existing aspects of your wedding. For example, instead of just having typical place cards, try making them into a keepsake. Some ideas include personalized key rings, miniature black boards, photo frames and small bottles of champagne with individualized labels. Doubling up will also mean you’ll save money on printing costs. Oh, and did we mention the time thing? Yep, you’ll save bucketloads in the time department, too. Win all around.


Food as bomboniere

Most people will find it hard to resist a high quality chocolate truffle, wrapped seductively in rich, shiny paper. If you would like your bomboniere to be edible, think about having an edible centerpiece, such as a lollypop sculpture or vase of chocolates, that your guests can take a part of when they leave. This will save costs involved in having floral centerpieces while adding a playful and fun vibe to your wedding. Another idea is to make your wedding cake, (which is already a costly item) into your bomboniere, by packaging up slices in gift boxes. You can also have mini chocolates engraved with your names and wedding date available on offer. Edible bomboniere are fun, and have the added benefit of being tasty and delicious, so it’s a good idea to consider them as bomboniere.

Do it yourself

bomboniere-diyNowadays, there are many companies who will happily organize your bomboniere from start to finish. Strip away extra unnecessary costs by doing as much towards your bomboniere as you can. This may include sourcing the gifts yourself or buying a bomboniere ‘do it yourself’ kit, packaging them, and putting together the finishing touches. A nice idea is to invite family members and a few close friends over before the wedding to help prepare the bomboniere. Create an assembly line, assign different tasks to different people – do whatever works. You’d be surprised how easy it can be when you have multiple sets of hands working on the same project.

Whether you come up with the idea of giving each guest a basket of handmade heart biscuits, or a set of engraved shot glasses, your bomboniere should be personal, and an expression of your appreciation to your guests. Make them fun, relevant, personalised and useful and you’ll have a bomboniere that your guests will delight in.




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