The bold and the beautiful: 3 things a plus-sized bride needs to know

By November 22, 2013Blog
The bold and the beautiful: 3 things a plus-sized bride needs to know
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In a society where looks matter far more than they should, it can be overwhelming for plus-sized brides entering into the wedding scene. The variety of bridal dresses are limited for brides who don’t fit into the mainstream mould, and to some, the thought of posing in front of a camera all day may seem like a form of torture. We understand all of that, and are here to tell you that if you are a plus-sized bride you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of. Yes, you may happen to fit into a larger dress size, but that should not be a cause for anxiety or upset. If, however, you do feel a little uneasy about your upcoming wedding, here we bring you 3 things to keep in mind that will hopefully help you enjoy your wedding fully, regardless of your dress size.

You are beautiful

There are many layers to beauty. Getting to know someone is a process of slowly peeling through these layers until their inner beauty is revealed. Every woman can do with a reminder that they are beautiful from time to time. You are no different. Your size has nothing to do with how beautiful you are as a person, your levels of attraction, your abilities or your strengths, so don’t ever forget it.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

We all need to play on our best physical assets. Therefore, whichever physical traits you do have, embrace them and own them – don’t be shy. If you are fully accepting of yourself, others will more readily be accepting of you.

Weddings are a façade

Weddings are so closely linked with outward physical appearances; it can be hard to remember that weddings are one big façade. It’s up to you, as the bride to break through the barriers of the façade by living authentically. So when it comes time to walk down the aisle, try not to overthink the image you represent and be yourself. After all, everyone else is already taken.

These 3 points are only there to be used as a guide if you do feel a little daunted before your wedding. Of course, there are plenty of plus-sized brides who have absolutely no problem with their size. This is fantastic. But to those brides out there with even the smallest glimmer of hesitation, hopefully this article will act as a reminder that you are no different from any other bride. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are attractive. And you are marrying the love of your life who thinks of you in exactly the same way.



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