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Every bride wants to stand out and be “different” than all of the rest and yearly trends are one way to do this. While hits and misses do occur each year, wedding trends are the way to make your wedding unique.

It’s a new year, and if you’re getting married this year, you’re looking forward to a new life. Plan your wedding in style by checking out some of the hottest trends for 2017. You can create a fashionable soiree that your guests won’t soon forget and that will let you feel glamorous and amazing on a day that you will never forget.

Check out some of these hot trends to put together your wedding wish list for this year:

Lighting that Creates Vertical Décor

Most brides focus on horizontal décor, such as what to place on the tables or how to spruce up the aisle. But there is plenty of vertical space that most people don’t consider. That is changing for 2017. More brides are going to be using that vertical space, specifically by using interesting lighting that closes the gap between the ceiling and the tables.

Some examples include elaborate candelabras or chandeliers and low-hanging string lights that hover just above tall centrepieces. Edison lights are also popular, either in string lights or in industrial chandeliers.

Image Mapping

Why spend thousands of dollars on flowers that are just going to wither and die? The flowers are beautiful, but you can get the same look for less and without anything ever have to be clipped. Image mapping is a new technology that can project any image against the walls, ceiling or backdrop for your ceremony or reception. You can project a sea of flowers over the whole room, creating a stunning look.

Image mapping allows you to try out a number of effects, including changing images, tinted images, and more. You can save money, make your wedding more eco-friendly, and get a unique look for your ceremony or reception.

Extravagant Entrances

Traditionally, a DJ or band leader announces the couple when they enter the reception, and everyone stands and claps. Now, couples are looking to create a much bigger entrance with their choice of décor or special props or music.

For example, you might have the DJ announce you and your bridal party like you are contenders in a boxing match, complete with Rocky music. Or you might stage an action-hero entrance with fire starters and everything. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination and your budget.

Gift Lounge

Gift bags are traditional for out-of-town guests. You can leave them for your guests at the hotel you have reserved for them. If you have a destination wedding, you’ll need to have them for everyone since essentially all of your guests will be travelling.

The big trend now is to skip the gift bags and offer a “gift lounge” instead. Create a spread on a long table that includes many different treats and small gifts, and allow your guests to fill a bag or basket with what they like. Think of it like the tents they have for celebrities at big events. They get to go in and pick out all the freebies they like. Give your guests the star treatment by giving them the same autonomy – even if you don’t have the budget for designer gifts.


It’s an ethereal and whimsical reception focal point that is becoming more popular by the month. Waterfalls, small and not so small, created by everything from ice sculptures to actual man made rock pools, filled with giant goldfish. This peaceful and soothing décor provides an atmosphere of calmness and beauty.

Of course, you WILL pay for what you get! These natural waterscapes are not cheap. Ranging on average from hundreds to thousands of dollars, waterfalls are on trend for 2017.

Fur Babies

That’s right, bring along Fido or Fiona! Cats, dogs, horses, you name it, furry friends are gaining momentum at weddings and people are loving it! So many people feel the guilt of leaving their “best buddies” at home and are deciding to include their fuzzy family members in their big day. After all, THEY will be part of the new digs and life that you will make together. Small petting zoos are another outdoor reception trend that keeps guests busy and excited as they enjoy these hours of celebration. Goats, mini horses, camels, sheep, and more are all great choices for turning receptions into old fashioned farm fun.

Whether as a ring bearer or just there to be in the photos, animals are working their way into weddings this year!

Smaller Weddings

The big trend this year is not to go so big. While many people in the past dreamed of lavish weddings, today’s couples are being more pragmatic about their nuptials. They are realising that there are other things they would like to do with the tens of thousands of dollars that some couples spend on their weddings. Others choose a smaller wedding because they want something that is more intimate and in the spirit of celebrating their love for each other.

More ceremonies are focusing on close family and friends and are being held in intimate settings like a family home or a small garden. Some couples use a circular arrangement around the altar or other techniques to make the ceremony seem even more intimate. Every part of the celebration is designed to keep people close, both physically and spiritually.

Ultimately, your wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple, and there is no wrong answer. You can have a big, lavish affair, or you can have a stripped-down celebration with only the people and things that mean the most to you both. These trends can give you some ideas of what you might like, or you can start from your own drawing board. Make your wedding what you want so that it is a day you will cherish.



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