My big fat ethnic wedding

By November 29, 2013Blog
My big fat ethnic wedding
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There’s something to be said about good, old fashioned culture, don’t you think? Culture that withstands the pressures of the modern world, culture that practices traditions from yesteryear… yes, there’s no doubt about it that living with culture makes for a richer and more vibrant life experience, albeit one laden with pressuring family members!

In the 21st century it’s totally impressive that some people still observe ancient traditions. So, yay, culture is awesome, and, by extension, so is ethnicity. The world would be a vastly more boring place without people who looked different, acted different or had different rituals to the rest of us.

There is often more colour involved, more pizazz, more hype. Guests will delight in all the unique practices. To them it will be exciting, new and vibrant.

But, wait a second – did someone just say ‘different rituals’? Enter the ethnic wedding, where bride and groom come from a family that has been swimming against mainstream for generations. You can’t escape rituals that are cemented into your family, so the only choice is to embrace them.

The ethnic wedding is all about wearing your differences with pride, even if does mean belly dancing with coin belts or painting henna on foreheads. If you are planning your big fat ethnic wedding and are unsure whether to wear your ethnicity like a crown or find the nearest rock to hide under, this one is for you.

Whether both you and your fiancé come from a ritual-rich family background, or only one of you does, when it’s time for your wedding, your immediate family will barrack for things to be done a certain way. If you’re the one who has a cultural, ethnic background you will probably know by now that there is little you can do to deter passionate family members.

There is no turning your immediate family away with a “Do you really think it’s necessary?” muttered under your breath. No, no, no, if it’s a cultural ritual that’s been practiced for centuries that’s under scrutiny, it will be done at your wedding, and that’s just the way it is.

The only thing you can actually do is go along with it. Yes, you may personally harbor different opinions to your well-meaning family, but when it boils down to your grandmother’s dying wish, you know there’s no way out. Instead of fighting for things to be done your way, the best thing to do is just accept that tradition is tradition.

You may not agree with it and you may not like some of what it entails, but there is something bigger at play – your relationship with your family. And for nothing else but that alone, the only clever thing to do is to accept your fate and ride with it.

Cultural or ethnic weddings tend to be more of a spectacle than traditional weddings. There is often more colour involved, more pizazz, more hype. Guests will delight in all the unique practices. To them it will be exciting, new and vibrant.

So when the day of your wedding arrives, let the energy surrounding you from your family and friends rub off on you, and dance like there is no tomorrow. You have the rest of your life to decide how you want to lead it.

But right now, the world is yours. Enjoy it.









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