Australia’s least popular wedding venues

By October 14, 2011Blog
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List upon list give you a clear indication of the most popular places where Australians get hitched, but have you ever wondered where almost no one wants to get married, but at some stage a couple or two decided that this was their dream-wedding venue?

To qualify for our least popular wedding venue list, at least one couple had to have used this venue before.

The Sydney harbor bridge gets used as backdrop for wedding pictures for decades now, but getting married on the bridge turned out as our least popular venue. This is due to two main reasons – firstly it is illegal and will take a whole lot of paperwork to pull this off and secondly those gray over alls bridge climbers have to wear sort of kill the white wedding look. Yet, a few pushed through and tied the knot on this bridge before. Guests climbed the hundreds of steps attached to the safety lines, stood in single file to try and see the ceremony and then climbed all the way down again.

The Royal Melbourne show opens its gates to thousands every year and yes, some brides enter as well. Not many chose the main arena of the show to get hitched, but there was quite a few that decided to do just this. As marshals got rid of the previous event’s props, the wedding march played and in front of the thousands of spectators, a couple walked out to a small area in the center where they had a very public wedding.

Imagine the moment when you kiss your bride and a noise so loud that you need professional ear protection roars up in the background. Well if this is your dream wedding, follow in the footsteps of couples that tied the knot with green light of the Australian Grand Prix as a witness. Guests reportedly opted for waving their hands rather than clapping as the race got on the way with a first kiss from the couple.

Next on our list is the prayer area at Perth Airport. The groom flew in from the west and the bride touched down after her flight from Cairns. Guests arrived from Perth as this was her hometown. The preacher worked at the airport, so a wedding seemed natural. After the vows and rings, the groom caught his connection flight to Tokyo and the bride celebrated with the six guests that included her parents at an airport restaurant before flying back home.

All you need to get married at our next venue is a site application form and a pair of gumboots from Wellies. Most important though is a deep love for fish as you walk down the isle of iced fish lining the venue at Sydney’s Fish market. Believe it or not, but this bustling market sees more and more couples tying the fisherman’s knot and sitting down to a seafood buffet afterwards.

Moments before AFL matches, more and more couples use the opportunity to get married and then enjoy a game with their guests. The filed is a no go zone due to security measures, but just off the field a quick ceremony takes place before the first whistle goes. The bride wore a white top over her team jersey and soon enjoyed the match as missus. Guests did not wait long before vendors brought some snacks.

“We went for my niece’s wedding in July and experienced the ‘old CI’; the blackboard at the round-a-bout that welcomed wedding guests; the astonishment of the locals as they stared at the cavalcade of the hired cars we drove.” This comment came from a guest that went to Christmas Island for a wedding. Very few couples take to the detention island to start their lives.

Wherever you decide to get married, it should simply fit a single criteria – it makes you happy to do it there. The rest is s simply a case of making sure you know how to get married at these less favorite venues.



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