Are you a winter or summer bride?

By October 3, 2011Blog
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Setting your date starts with the question – winter or summer wedding? Many automatically opt for the latter, but have you worked out if you are a typical winter or summer bride and why is this important at all? The answer is quite simple. Typical winter brides that get married in summer have an awful time and vice versa.

But how do you know which season you belong in?

A few short questions will guide you to make the perfect seasonal choice. Remember that this works both ways so your groom needs to answer these questions as well!

You may be surprised to see your combined results.

Start by finding your personal tolerances for temperature. Surely you have attended summer weddings where the poor bride simply could not cope with the heat and the sun, turning up lobster red at the church only to faint in a sweaty pile. Fair skinned Nicole Kidman knew she could not face the intense summer heat and opted for a romantic June wedding where the blush on her cheeks were not due to a heat rash.

Brides that love the sun on their open shoulders will on the other hand have the worst day of their lives as they step out in a winter wedding all covered up and miserably cold.

Do your reception dreams involve seated guests at an intimate dinner dance under chandeliers of crystal? Then winter may be your best bet. Why pay for an indoor event in summer where your guests flee the warm hall at every opportunity they get? Winter weddings make for great intimate events where guests spend quality time with you and each other due to the fact that these weddings usually happens indoor.

The same principal applies to your catering. Nothing is as bad as serving a hot buffet with wilting salads whilst the summer sun bakes down on your venue. Warm meals have a tendency to up the romantic feel of your day and works best in a winter setting. Ask your groom if he is a roast kind of guy or a salad boy and then choose your season together.

Summer delivers an abundance of flowers at lower cost, so spoil yourself with all the flowers you dreamt of at your summer wedding, but brides that suffer from allergies do have major problems with spring and summer weddings and most often they spend the day drugged on anti histamines. Nothing spoils your pictures as bad as a runny red nose and swollen eyes will do.

Venues tend to get very scarce in summer and the price goes up quite substantially to fit the high demand. Brides that prefer a small wedding will save on costs and get more value for her dollars in winter, even if she uses the same venue she would have in summer. Savings of up to 50% can be achieved by simply choosing a winter day.

We have not even looked at your choice of dress. Many brides end up shivering on the day or having to put on a last minute warmer as unpredictable summer days end up rainy and cold. Winter brides know that they will dress weather appropriate and thus avoid those dreaded weather blues altogether.
Simply answer During Summer or During Winter to the following:

  1. My skin turns red with the slightest sunburn.
  2. My feet swell when I stand for a long time.
  3. Allergies affect me worst.
  4. I typically get a cold or flu.
  5. My skin looks best.

By asking yourself these quick questions, you may discover avoidable seasonal medical issues that could spoil your big day.



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