Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon have done it. Will you too be persuaded to wear a coloured bridal dress?

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Gone are the weddings from yesteryear! Those stiff and formal affairs that nobody wanted to be at but everyone felt compelled to attend. You know the ones we mean. They have the token white-clad bride, the blushing groom, the boring-as-anything ceremony and the obligatory bridal party. Yes, someone along the line decided to shake things up a little, replacing tradition with terrific and the norm with the unexpected. And this attitude is being reflected all over the world with something revolutionary: the coloured bridal dress. In a century where things are changing by the second, some radical thinkers decided to take a stand and break convention and rules. From celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker, more and more modern brides are turning down white in favour of a coloured bridal dress. If you too are toying with the same idea in your mind and would like to gain more of an insight into the trend and whether or not it is right for you, read on.

One of the main reasons brides will turn to wearing colour on their wedding day is because they believe a shade other than pure white will suit their skin tone better. As a general rule, white tends to look great against tanned or olive coloured skin, whereas paler skin looks better against a less stark shade such as ivory. One thing that colour will achieve in your wedding dress is a more vibrant hue that will bring out and highlight your facial features. While white or off white is great for creating a streamlined elegant and pure appearance, the use of a colour will add a sense of drama. Therefore, it’s a good idea to opt for wearing white if you’re hoping to look fresh and clean, but turn to colour if you don’t believe your skin tone suits white and if you’re going for a more modern and original approach.

Another aspect unique to coloured bridal dress wearers is the individuality factor. For all the white sheep out there, there has also got to be some coloured ones, and yes, even some black ones. People are not all born alike and if you’ve always wanted to set yourself apart in some way, this could be one of the ways you choose. Donning a coloured bridal dress is akin to moving to the beat of your own drum or swimming against the stream. It is a show of boldness and confidence, a way of stepping forward and saying, this is the way I am. Take it or leave it. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to make that step, you may want to consider being a member of the coloured sheep party.

So, to wear a coloured dress and stand out from the crowd or to wear a white one and blend in with the thousands of brides who came before you? The answer, of course, is up to you. Think about wearing colour if you’d like to make a statement, bring out your best facial features and feel good in the colour you’ve chosen, knowing it’s a colour that suits you. Or choose to wear a white bridal dress if you like tradition, believe internally that all brides should wear white and want to come across as fresh and clean cut. Whatever you do choose wear it proudly because without a doubt you will look nothing short of beautiful.



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