Airline strikes and Honeymoons… how to avoid being “stuck”

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Last week we saw the grounding of Australia largest airline which bought travel plans of hundreds of thousands of people to a screaming halt. Of those travellers many were newlyweds, brides and grooms looking to jet set off to recharge their batteries after months of planning… only to be stuck in horrible airports with little to no information or options…

The Bride Online team have put together a list of what to do before and during an airline strike in order to minimise the risk of being stuck somewhere you would rather not be (lets face it, if you were stuck in Tahiti you probably wouldn’t be complaining)

1. When booking your travel arrangements make sure you look for an airline who is in an “alliance” with others. For example look for an airline that is partners in a Frequent Flyer program with other airlines. Its not guaranteed but it might be possible to change your flights to the partner airline/s

2. Keep a list of all of your travel suppliers phone numbers in one place. Airlines, hotels, tour operators etc etc. By keeping organised you will keep your stress levels down. Keep your other travel operators informed on whats going on to see if they can rebook/re schedule your travel plans.

3. Ask for help. You cant do everything on your own,  so outsource dealing with drams to a bridesmaid or family member.

4. Use a Travel Agent. Its super easy to book online these days, however for a honeymoon we recommend you leave it to the professionals… they are trained in dealing with situations such as these and are experts at solving problems… oh and they usually have a few “tricks” up their sleeves too!

5. Depending on the situation, rival airlines often offer flights at discounted rates for passengers who have been affected by the strike.
if you have the budget, book elsewhere as soon as it looks like you wont be going with your original plans….

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