5 tips to take your wedding from mediocre to memorable

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Essentially, whether we realize it or not, weddings are events. They are planned happenings that usually involve months of detailed organising. In the planning of your wedding you will likely spend hours upon hours configuring all the minute details in order for your special day to be nothing short of perfect. Every bride wants their wedding day to be just right. But what if you like to shake things up a little, and instead of aiming for just right, you plan to aim for perfection – the kind of wedding that guests will remember for years to come. You want a memorable wedding, one with all the little personal touches. You want a wedding that guests will not only enjoy, but rave about afterwards. You want the ‘Wow’ factor. Well, my friends, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here we will give you 5 ways in which to take your wedding from a standard, boring wedding that guests will yawn through to a rocking party they will tell their grandchildren about.

Tip #1: Music
We all know the importance of good, solid music and how it can transform an event, but even still, the power of good wedding music needs to be reinforced again. Music sets the tone of the wedding. It is the soundtrack your guests will be moving to so it’s essential you choose a band that reflects your music taste and will deliver awesome tunes the entire night long. Choose a band that will be able to tailor to your needs and work with you and one that knows how to let loose on the dance floor with some beaty, poignant and unforgettable tracks.

Tip #2: Personal touches
If your aim is to create a memorable event, a good idea is to think of several personal touches to incorporate. Things like hiring out a photo booth or a roaming photographer that takes photos of your guests then turns them into magnets to take home as keepsakes, may seem like small ideas, but added together they will help create a lasting impression of your wedding, especially if guests have a photo to take home as a keepsake.

Tip #3: Be a gracious bride
Treat your guests as if they are coming to your exclusive dinner party. Welcome them, make them feel wanted and show them that you’re happy they are there. While it is not solely up to you to set the mood of the wedding, a bride’s demeanor will cause ripple effects and good vibrations. So why not let your excitement be contagious?

Tip #4: Pay some attention to the menu
Everyone loves great food, some will even go into a bit of a trance when faced with a plate of something so good it should be illegal. Choose a menu that will both look and taste incredible. For all the foodies out there, trust me, they will thank you.

Tip #5: Enjoy it
It’s your big day, and after months of planning, this is it: you’re here. Go with the flow and be open to every experience involved in the actual day of your wedding. Forget the tedious planning, forget the quibbles, the mistakes, the misgivings, let yourself have the best night ever, and as a result, your guests will too.

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