A wedding planner from hell.

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He looked the part and talked the language of a real wedding planner, so our bride hired him, but soon she learned that she booked herself the wedding planner from hell. A pity she did not find this out early enough to do something about it.

It started out with a lunch meeting at a top Melbourne restaurant. She wore Gucci, he arrived in Armani. Their outfits matched perfectly. She forgave him instantly for being half an hour late. They cheek kissed and started planning her wedding. She talked and he made notes. She loved every moment of it, he took several calls.

Please, my dear he said, soon it will be your calls I take and you do not want me to ignore you, he answered her frown as he took yet another call. She ordered more drinks. The meeting came to an end and she went home to tell everybody about the magical planner and all of his amazing ideas. Our bride was very happy and very impressed. Our groom was a bit concerned after seeing the size of the deposit cheque she wrote the guy, but her smile made him forget all about it.

For weeks they met at very exiting places – possible dream venues as he called them. He never brought his wallet to these meetings and she footed the bills without asking. Lunches were booked at skylight restaurants to see the art de cuisine of the chef that he had in mind will serve. She paid and they ate fantastic food. This went on for weeks as well.

He called and said he found the dream place – meet me at the private airport, bring the husband. The three flew out on a private jet to a location that took their breaths away. They stayed the night and flew back the next day. She paid him another massive amount to ensure this venue was hers for the weekend. They touched down and he walked off into the sunset.

That was the last time she ever heard from her wedding planner. He took no calls from her and she found that she had no address or business address for the man. Her cheques he cashed the same day she wrote them. The company from the private jet called and asked her details for billing purposes – so did the fantastic venue. The cheques they accepted from her planner were referred to drawer – account closed

From a dream wedding planning session, it turned into a wild chase after a criminal. Police profiled him long ago as one of the most successful conmen to ever hit Australian land. He left the country the day they flew back from the venue, but police warned, he will definitely be back. His type loves the trusting nature of Australians and will always return to find another victim – maybe not as wedding planner though?

Our bride got married in style after her husband took control of the wedding himself. She lovingly kissed his cheek as he walked her down the aisle and off to the private honeymoon he had booked – at her now famous venue she loved so much of course.


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