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The reception venue was perfect and after all the decorations, flowers and table settings were done, it looked like the dream wedding our bride always dreamed of. So deliriously happy was she, that she did not see the tiny hole in the dance floor.

The evening went down a treat as guests stepped into the venue. Gasps of appreciation were heard and this gave the brides mother great satisfaction. Every little detail was in place, she made sure of it. As mother of the bride she felt it her responsibility to oversee the venue and keep the place in check. This was a great plan and many tiny problems disappeared as mother saw and rectified them.

Venue staff reacted with gusto as she ordered them into fixing small problems, fetching more of stuff and taking away unwanted things. She did not have much of a wedding but boy, was it perfectly run. The wedding planner secretly envied mother for her skills to keep such a large place in check and tip top order.

She kept a particular strong eye on the bathrooms and made sure they were cleaned and serviced regularly. Guests purred with happiness as they emerged from the perfect restrooms. This wedding was going down like the dream it intended to be. That was until the couple took to the dance floor for the first dance. The lights went down low and a spot light picked up the bride in the centre of the floor. Her dad walked over and asked for a dance. Tears welled up in many an eye as this beautiful moment happened to the tune of soft music.

Our bride waltzed on the arm of her father for half the song and then her groom cut in. This sent the guests clapping and cheering. She felt like the queen bee in her own warm fuzzy nest when suddenly, a pain shot up through her ankle into her chest. Without warning the bride simply fainted and fell down in a heap. Shock and horror.

The lights were switched on, the music was killed and guests were ordered to stand back. Two doctors emerged from the crowd. One worked on the bride, the other made effort to keep the mother of the bride from having a heart attack. Soon the reason for the sudden fainting was discovered as the bride woke from it, screaming with pain. Her ankle was broken and she fainted from pure hurt.

As I said, nobody took notice of the small hole in the floor until her heel got stuck in it and her ankle paid the price. Sometimes it takes a small loophole to bring down an entire event.


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