A bride a groom and…a skydiving plane: the How-to’s of extreme weddings

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In a pigeon-hole world, some people aren’t willing to settle for mainstream. Even an event such as a wedding, that is typically very traditional, has to be approached differently for people who don’t believe in fitting into boxes. The act of committing yourself through a marriage contract is in itself quite a conventional concept, but for people who like to do things differently, even marriage is something they are willing to shake up a little.

Underwater Wedding

What did she say? Tonight’s menu will be fish or fish. Image shaadiesque.com

And so they should. Your wedding is something you should enjoy and if doing things a little differently is what will make you and your fiancé happiest, so be it. Enter the extreme wedding, the wedding where wedding vows may happen while flying through the air at an altitude of 300 metres, or even underwater. Anything is possible at an extreme wedding, which of course, adds to the fun. Whether it be a wedding on a submarine or one that occurs while abseiling down a mountain, here you will find a guide to the best ways of holding your own extreme wedding. Are you ready?

Superhero Wedding

No doubt this wedding was super! Image:http://shaadiesque.com

Although this may seem obvious, let’s start off by saying that if you are about to do something extreme for your wedding you and your fiancé should be on the same page. This means that you are both not only happy to have an untraditional and extreme wedding, but also that you both agree on what kind of extreme you prefer. Once you have that worked out it’s time to work out the details. Where is your wedding going to take place? What do you need to bring to the site? How many guests will be there at the time of the event? What will be the role of the guests – will they participate or just watch? How much is your extreme wedding going to cost you? And finally – is it worth it?

Skydive wedding

Till death do us part … let’s find out! This couple take the leap of faith after announcing “I do” Image : sj-r.com

Once you’ve figured out that it’s definitely something you both want to do, it’s time to work out the details. It’s a good idea to come up with an idea that is relatively local and accessible. This will help eliminate extra complications. Next, decide when the actual marriage ceremony will take place and arrange for someone to be there to lead it.
Wedding invitations will have to be sent out specifying the activity that is going to take place so that family and guests turn up in appropriate attire.
Think about creating a themed invitation or one that in some way relates to your extreme wedding, as this will add to the novelty factor and help generate excitement from the guests. Also make sure to fill your photographer in on your plans.
You may want to choose a photographer who is experienced in your chosen activity. This may all seem obvious but it’s important to recognize that there are a few added details in an extreme wedding that are not relevant to a traditional one and many hired wedding professionals are only accustomed to standard weddings.
Bungee Jump Wedding

Extreme: This couple decided to tie the knot, around their ankles! Image: buzzfeed.com

So, you’re nearly there. You’ve made the plans and you’re going ahead with it. To ensure it all goes smoothly, make sure to discuss all the various options with your partner before making bookings so that the idea you come up with is one that you are both equally passionate about. Then work out the various details, taking into account the role of family and guests.
It’s not every day that guests get to participate in an extreme wedding so let your guests be involved as much as possible, and don’t forget to brief them on your plans. And let’s not forget the importance of the photographers. They will be the ones responsible for creating a record of the event so it’s essential they come prepared. Have fun, go crazy, live your dream…and come out the other end alive.
jet pack wedding

Up! Up! and Away! Grant and Amanda Engler at their jet pack wedding. Image: 2forcouples.com



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