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You’ve seen them at weddings – the mother of the bride that simply cannot stop herself from acting like the most important person at the event. Sometimes nature helps them in their quest for attention by providing the ultimate attention grabbing moments these mothers crave.

From the word go, it was obvious that this wedding was under the staunch control of the bride’s mother. Her colour scheme made it as the final choice, her choice of flowers seemed to get ordered and even the table shapes changed from round to square under her rule. The bride stood no chance against the stiff lip her mother pulled at any sign of what she referred to as resistance.

The day of the wedding arrived and mother took control from the moment she arrived. Bride was ordered into a time regime that would make military officials proud. A small gesture with the hand meant that bride should shut up and get on with whatever was on the agenda. She listened like a naughty child.

Then the drama started as mother forced the spotlight onto herself. She locked herself in the bridal suite after deciding that her dress was not up to standard. The bride stood crying at the door for a long time. Eventually mother emerged – dressed to the nines. Next victim was the make up artist that dared to rush with mother’s make up.

As the bride made her way to her wedding car, mother climbed in the front seat where she sat like the queen waiting for the shell-shocked driver to close the door for her. No arguments were tolerated as she waved to the people standing outside the hotel from which they departed. At the church, mother sat patiently for a few seconds and when she realised that the driver was helping the bride from the car, she threw a hissing fit. Bride was left with feet dangling from the side of the car as mother was given a hand to alight.

The wedding march sounded up and mother took this as her queue to walk slowly down the isle. Guests were astounded to see her meet and greet guests as she made her way slowly to her front row seat. The bride followed sheepishly looking like a late arrival. Finally the mother seemed to be in her seat and bride on the arm of her groom – then nature stepped in to ensure that mother of the bride get all the attention she so craved.

A bee sat down on her cheek. Instinctively mother slapped it and bee stung her. Her muffled cries went down with the congregation as yet another way to be seen. As she sat in the pew trying to compose herself, her face started swelling… Ten minutes later, the mother of the bride went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed silently into a pathetic heap.

Still no one really took notice, as every one at this wedding was sort of used to her antics. Then the most bizarre snort came from mother’s mouth. It sounded through the silent church and everybody looked for the source. All they saw was mother of the bride being escorted from the church by her husband and son. Guests simply smiled knowingly thinking mother was really pushing the attention factor a bit far today.

Turns out, mother was highly allergic to bees and her throat was busy closing down with swelling. Paramedics took great care of her where the men laid her down in the foyer. Inside, the wedding went ahead in peace. Mother was taken to hospital where she stayed till the next morning. She will never forget her big day.


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