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Keep it Simple

Make sure that your vows aren’t too off beat or cryptic, sticking to the basics will ensure that everyone can understand whats happening and knows when to ohh and ahh at the right times. ItsĀ  important to keep things moving along especially if your guests are standing. You don’t want to have them standing in the pouring rain/blazing sun/howling wind for longer than needed.


Making sure you tick all of the boxes when it comes to your or your partners faith is a big one. If your wedding is an interfaith ceremony ensure you consult both faiths requirements and that you respect any traditions or customs no matter how big or small.


Ask your celebrant etc to have a look over your vows to make sure you have ticked all of the boxes and are on the right track. Asking for feedback from your celebrant etc will ensure you have a professional opinion rather than an emotional one (which you may get if you start asking family and friends to critique your work)

Be organised

Don’t leave writing your vows to the last minute, yes it always happens in Hollywood and somehow the happy couple manage to pull some vows together on the spot… This aint Hollywood and the reality is lots of people don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of people let alone on the fly. Don’t put any added stress on yourselves…


Practice makes perfect, or so they say. Once you have written your vows, make the time to learn them. In the shower, in the car, in front of the mirror, in your weekly department meeting… Just remember its OK to read them from a prompt, however knowing them will give you confidence.

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