5 things you don’t want to forget on your honeymoon

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There is a special kind of mental state unique to soon-to-be brides. Scattered and jumbled with mental lists threatening to explode the cerebrum, a bride to be’s brain is, quite simply, a mess. Let’s call this unusual phenomenon, “Bride Brain”. Bride Brain occurs in a high percentage of brides and is known to cause forgetfulness and an overall feeling of vagueness.

Honeymoon Planning

Planning ahead for your honeymoon is just as important as the wedding itself!

Bride Brain is responsible for things like brides getting lost while driving a route they could do in their sleep. Bride Brain is also responsible for those times brides find themselves in a certain place to completely forget the reason they came. Because a bride’s brain does tend to hold a lot more information than is natural, it is a good idea to find ways to manage the time before your wedding so that you can get done what is needed and not forget your name in the process.

Let’s take the honeymoon planning, for example. Before your wedding your honeymoon is no doubt on your list of things to organise. But with Bride Brain playing up, how to ensure you don’t forget something important? If you’re suffering from a bad case of this weird phenomenon, this article will eliminate some of your packing stress by providing you with 5 important things to remember for your honeymoon.

Relaxed clothing
Honeymoons are meant to be easy and relaxed, just like the models in the ads. Leave your high heels, stiff jackets and perfectly coiffed hair behind, and opt for casual, easy clothing. Make sure to research the weather and pack accordingly. Relaxed, comfortable clothing is the way to go.


Your honeymoon destination is likely to be somewhere sunny. Avoid turning into a red, peeling version of yourself by coming prepared with some of your favourite sunscreen. The last thing you need is to have to go scavenging around to find your preferred brand in a new and foreign town. And we all know that there are good suncscreens and, well…not such good ones.

If you or your partner have any prescribed medications it’s important to take them with you as you may not be able to access them otherwise. Birth control pills also fall under this category.

Travel insurance
Nobody ever expects things to go wrong, especially on something as blissful as a honeymoon, but the reality is that it’s better to come prepared than suffer the consequences. For this reason it’s always a smart idea to take out travel insurance before you leave on your trip. If nothing else, your peace of mind is worth the extra few dollars.


Phone charger
While many couples would prefer to leave technology behind in favour of each other’s company, having a charger will provide you with a phone if you were to need it. And without a smartphone how else would you tweet out a photo of the two of you reclining on the beach?

While packing for your trip, remind yourself again that honeymoons are supposed to be a relaxing and energizing time out. There is no need to weigh yourself down by packing unnecessary items. Leave behind the hair straighteners, the sky high heels, the overweight luggage and the laptops with work assignments waiting to get done. Instead, pack your bags with the easiest, breeziest of clothing and the other essential items mentioned above and you’ll be on the road to a wonderfully indulgent few days.

Just try not to forget your husband. It won’t be much of a honeymoon without him on board.

So what can you not travel without ?



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