5 super-fun ways to get fit fast before your wedding

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5 super-fun ways to get fit fast before your wedding
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Say the word ‘exercise’ in front of a group of women and you’ll be met with different reactions. Some women exercise to live, and live to exercise, but there are plenty of others who find exercise boring and tedious. If you are one of these women, here’s some good news for you: exercise can be so freakin’ fun it won’t even feel like exercise.

Working out doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it should be enjoyable. Feeling dubious? Here we present you with 5 amazingly fun ways to work off those extra calories before your wedding – and have a damn good time doing it.

   Anti-gravity yoga


Anti gravity yoga might seem hard at first but hang in there!

The newest craze to hit Australia, anti-gravity yoga uses hammocks that act as a trapeze, where participants get to experience ‘flying’, while practicing genuine yoga techniques and poses. To experience some of this heavenly-sounding yoga, try searching for an anti-gravity center in your city. It will be worth it.



Jump up! Jump up! & get down…. you know the rest.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you fell off your family trampoline and broke your arm? Well, here’s your chance to bring back some of that childlike fun without experiencing the pain of broken limbs. Trampolining is one of those exercises that is so enjoyable it’s easy to forget how good it is for you. Just think: you’ll be jumping non-stop for half an hour or more. Do you even know how many calories that can burn?



This is harder than it sounds, even when completely alone !

When was the last time you danced in the dark? If you answered ‘never’ to this question, girl, you gotta get those dancing shoes on! Dancing is a great stress reliever, with the added bonus of being heaps of fun. Plus, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Although perhaps not on public transport or while waiting in line at the supermarket – that could get awkward. Join a dance class, a silent disco, or perhaps just go about it the old fashioned way: in your bedroom, alone, with the music pumping out your favourite tunes.



Next stop: Roller Derby!

Rollerblading is probably one of the most undervalued forms of exercise. But one thing you should probably know is that rollerblading is awesome fun. With the weather warming up, now is the time to hire or buy a pair of skates and rollerblade your way down the boardwalk at your local beach. Chuck on a pair of knee pads and your funky headphones and you’re good to go.

Aqua aerobics

Please note: Water Aerobics may not look this fun in real life

Please note: Water Aerobics may not look this fun in real life

Why do regular aerobics when you can do aqua aerobics? After all, regular aerobics is so 80’s! Aqua aerobics may look funny to onlookers, but when you’re the one in the pool doing it, you will quickly see that it is a form of exercise just like anything else.

Another great option for the warmer weather, aqua aerobics is perfect for those who love water and wouldn’t mind getting fit at the same time.So many exercise options, so little time! If this sounds like you, don’t stress.
Just choose one or two forms of exercise that feels right for you and stick with them. The last thing you want to do is attempt too many forms of exercise at once, you may end up as a walking-talking, dancing-in-the-dark rollerblader who simultaneously bursts into bouts of aqua aerobics and trampolining, while being suspended from a hammock trapeze.



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