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Its Spring Racing time in Melbourne and whilst the rest of the country drags itself off to work Melbournians are hitting the race track for the 150th running of the race that stops a nation. Preparing for and attending the spring racing carnival can be just like a wedding.  As a seasoned racegoer and wedding guest there are a few important lessons that we can all learn from…

1. Never gamble on the weather.

If there is one thing you cant predict, its the weather. Have a back up plan, especially if your ceremony is outdoors or if your guests will be outside for long periods of time. If you THINK its going to rain, head down to your local cheap store and buy as many ponchos/umbrellas etc and have them on hand just in case. You can always donate them to charity after wards if you don’t use them.

2. Be prepared for long delays

Have a running sheet prepared and then have a contingency plan just in case there are any major delays. Leaving your guests standing around with nothing to do (or worse, leaving them with noting to do and an open bar)

3. Someone will always wear a bad/novelty tie

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do when it comes to your guests attire. The Melbourne Cup has its larikins each year that don a pair of board shorts with a tuxedo jacket. Minimise your guests artistic interpretation of formal wear by setting a dress code.

4. Stay hydrated and out of the sun

Its a long day and if its hot, there is a temptation to stay hydrated with champagne or beer. Offer your guests water and soft drinks to keep them hydrated. Come up with a signature “mocktail” that will keep the guests hydrated….

5. Have a powder room

One of the greatest things about the races, is the “powder rooms” which allows ladies to have their make up touched up and their hair primped and preened. Whilst its not practical to have a fully trained make up artist on hand in the ladies, consider offering your guests some basic touch up tools. Create a powder room feel with cute boxes of cotton balls, hair spray, deodorant, some flat shoes an a few other essentials. Your guests will remember it and thank you for it!



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