5 of the best wedding entertainers out there

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Wedding entertainers are the spice that keeps weddings alive and joyful. That’s not to say that weddings without hired entertainers are bland or uninteresting. But add some exceptional entertainers to your wedding and you’ll be guaranteed to have an awesome night (and guarantee your guests do, too). There are many forms of entertainment out there to choose from. We’ve selected 5 of the best wedding entertainers to take the hard work out of it for you. Here they are:

Belly dancers

belly dancer

For a hip wedding!

With shaking hips and jangling coin scarves, these talented dancers will add a boho vibe to even the most formal of weddings.

Prepare to be mystified by their moves and entranced by their music. Belly dancers have a way of creating a vibe that transports you to a different place and time. Let yourself be taken to the far off lands…even while you haven’t moved from your place at the head table.

Fire twirlers


Fire twirling is like… so hot!

Turn out the lights, turn on the music and get ready to be amazed. Good fire twirlers will add magic and spark (excuse the pun) and will – quite literally – light up your wedding venue. Just don’t hold us responsible if your 10 year old cousin decides to take it up as his next hobby.

African drummers

african drummers

Try to beat this wedding!

They bring the beat with them, together with an excitement that is sure to rev up your dance floor and get your guests dancing as if in a trance through the night.

One of the great things about hiring African drummers is that they bring the entertainment factor just by being who they are and doing their thing.

An illusionist


Ok, so maybe levitation is a little extreme, but you get the point!

Like a magician, only a little more specialized, illusionists work with changing perceptions of the mind. Want your guests to be intrigued and baffled? Hire an illusionist.

Illusionists can provide roaming entertainment which makes them perfect for the less formal parts of your wedding. Just don’t let them make you or your fiancé disappear. We wouldn’t want to risk it on your wedding night.

Your hyperactive nieces and nephews

Keeo those pesky kids occupied with a job to do.

Keep those pesky kids occupied and give them a job to do.

Yes, you heard correctly. You know that bunch of kids fighting for attention at the most inappropriate of times? Well, now is the time to give them that attention. Let them put on a play (practiced before the wedding, of course) or sing a song together. They will love every minute of it, and…surprisingly, your guests will, too.

A few extra tips of the trade: like any hired professional who is skilled at their craft, when it comes to hiring quality performers for your wedding, book early as they can be booked out months in advance. Make sure to inform the managers of your venue about your preferred form of entertainment before you book them to ensure there are no health or safety issues.

Always be safe rather than sorry when it comes to taking necessary precautions at the time of the performance itself. The last thing you want is to cause a commotion on the night of your wedding. Be safe, be smart, and leave the impressive stuff to the professionals. Now go have fun. It’s your wedding night, after all!



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