4 things you wish someone told had you before your hen’s night

By October 22, 2013Blog, Hen's Night
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The words ‘hen’s night’ usually conjure up images of silly fun, enough alcohol to keep things running smoothly, perhaps some pole dancing, and maybe a stripper or two. Hen’s nights are all about letting loose and going a little crazy before settling down into married life.

They are supposed to be in equal parts crazy and wild – that’s what they’re all about. But what you may not know is that hen’s nights can turn into something slightly unpredictable. They can be fun and exciting, but there’s also the chance that they will be embarrassing and cause you to cringe when remembering the event afterwards. To save you from some of the shame and embarrassment that may result from your big night, here are 4 things to be mindful of, so that you don’t wake up the next day with a hangover and some really awkward did-that-really-happen memories.

hensThere are two types of people in the world

There are those who love parties and those who simply don’t. If you’re the type who loves parties you will probably enjoy every second of your hen’s night. If you’re not the party type, however, you should think about what kind of hen’s night you might enjoy. There is nothing worse than a bride who doesn’t participate in her own hen’s, so know yourself well enough to decide what kind of night you want it to be.

Hen’s nights are primarily about the bride

If you are the one getting married, it might be useful to remember that the hen’s night should be about what you want, not what your friends may want. If you’re not the nightclub-party-animal type, bear in mind that there are many options for hen’s nights. Nowadays, more and more brides are choosing class over crass, and celebrating their hen’s in altogether different and unique way. Tarot card readings, high teas, crafting sessions and pampering parties are just a few of the different ways to celebrate. Choose an activity that is authentically you and your party-animal friends may be pleasantly surprised.

Things can get messy

Let’s say, for arguments sake that you do decide you want a typical sort of hen’s night. You know the ones we mean – the whole nine wild yards. Take a bunch of gaggling girls, mix them with enough cocktails to fill a small bathtub, add a limo cruising through town and some pumping music, and you may find that your group of friends turn into a group of starry-eyed teenagers all over again. Then add to the mix some naughty props and even naughtier entertainment, and, well…things can get messy. Your friends, usually so mature and composed, may start yelling obscenities out the limo window, the pole dancing class that was organized may turn into something different altogether, and all the while you’re just standing there watching and asking yourself how? Hen’s nights are all about experiencing one last chance of freedom so run with it and enjoy the ride. The how can come later. Or, perhaps, never.

It may be a letdown

Any event that we plan for weeks beforehand and think over every last detail has the potential to flop. So even though hen’s nights are all about having as much fun as humanly possible, because there are such high expectations to have fun, don’t be surprised if your expectations are not fully met. Try not to anticipate having the most awesome night; sometimes this just isn’t possible. Instead, simply maintain a positive outlook no matter what eventuates.

So there we have it: 4 things you might’ve wished someone had told you before planning your hen’s night. If your hen’s hasn’t yet happened, keep the above 4 things in mind so that you can enjoy your big night as best as you can. And if you find yourself holding back your best friend’s hair as she leans over the basin at 2 o’clock in the morning? Well, at least you’ll be semi-prepared.



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