On Kitchenaids and kitchen knives: 3 tips for forming your wedding registry

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Gift registries are the lolly lands of wedding planning. Don’t we all long for that moment when we can walk into a shop, choose whatever grabs our fancy, click our fingers and have our gifts delivered to us? With a wedding registry you can do just that. It is your one chance to create a wish list and then have someone else purchase all the items for you. So, what’s not to like? Well, for a start, having the chance to pick and choose from thousands of household items in a relatively short time frame can be a little daunting. How can you differentiate between 1200 thread counts and 800 thread counts, between a saucepan that claims to be non-stick and a stick mixer that promises to replace the need for a food processor? With so many items on offer it’s essential to walk into that department store with a plan and walk out with a gift registry you feel confident and happy with. This article will highlight 3 key tips for achieving just that.

Tip #1: Shop in the morning
Yes, it may seem like a trivial tip, but it’s one that can be the deal breaker between sanity and disaster. Pick a morning that suits both you and your fiancé and set out nice and early to the stores you’ve chosen to register with. Arriving early will mean avoiding afternoon crowds and therefore gaining more attention from the shop assistant helping you. It will also mean that you and your partner will be bright eyed and fresh and as a result better able to deal with the task at hand. And believe us when we say you’ll need every speck of energy you’ve got.

Tip #2: Take your mother or mother in law
Yes, you heard correctly. Seeing as they have been running a house for considerably longer than you have, they possess little nuggets of knowledge that only comes after years of figuring things out and making mistakes. Let them trail along with you and offer insight into the aforementioned thread counts. Let them be your guide book. If they say you simply must have a set of Noritake dishes complete with tea cups and a quaint bone china kettle, or a spanking set of Anolon knives, you nod in agreement and say, “Why, yes, Mum. I can think of nothing more important.”

Tip #3: Go with your gut
You’ve been wandering around the shop for a while now and you’re still unsure about which towels/sheet sets/pillows/pots to go with. What you’ve got to do now is go with your gut feeling. If you prefer one set of pots because of their aesthetic appeal but another set is of slightly better quality, go with the one that you have a better overall feeling about. It’s as simple as that. Allowing yourself to make a decision based simply over which item you like better and would feel better about owning will enable faster decisions and will leave you with a registry you feel good about.

So, you’re all done. You’ve gone through the department store, you’ve chosen your items, and now you’ve got the rest of the wedding to plan. With the above 3 tips you’ll have no doubt made an easier and more balanced decision. Now there’s nothing you can do but wait – and count the days until that perfectly delicate Noritake dinner set



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