3 things you need to know about bridal bouquets

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wedding-flowersHave you ever been to a wedding where there was not a single flower in sight? Our guess is probably not. Flowers are synonymous with weddings. They add scent, colour and richness, while acting as an ingredient that visually brings the wedding to life.

But with so many different types of flowers on offer, and just as many bouquet designs and styles, it can seem like a big task when deciding on your bridal bouquet. And when you factor into the equation the fact that you’ll be holding and posing with said bouquet for your entire wedding, it only works to drive the expectations higher.

It’s understandable that it can feel daunting stepping into your florist for the first time, or even choosing a florist to begin with. We recognize this, and have therefore compiled a guide of 3 helpful hints to take on board when deciding on your bouquet. So put down those bridal magazines and listen up.

There are a thousand options

When it’s time to start thinking about your bouquet design, you will begin to see that there are literally a thousand different bouquet options to choose from. Unfortunately for you, you only get to choose one of those options, which makes your job supremely harder. Narrow down your efforts by clipping magazine images, or images from the web. Then take these images to your chosen florist and discuss your options and whether it is doable. Think of this process as the floral equivalent to cutting out hairstyle photos and showing them to your hairdresser. Just remember that you may need to adjust your floral vision to accommodate the flowers that are in season.

Flowers are a form of expression

On your wedding day, you have the chance to express yourself with your choice of dress, shoes, hair and makeup, so why not also incorporate flowers into the mix? Like anything creative, flowers are a great form of expression. In a subtle way, they express who we are, our dreams and our attitudes, and the kaleidoscope through which we view our worlds. When deciding on your bouquet, follow your heart and passions by allowing yourself to gravitate to the flowers and colours you’re most attracted to, and you’ll end up with a gorgeous bouquet that complements your style and highlights the best parts of your personality.

Style matters, but colour matters more

wedding-bouquetJust like everything in life, there is a science to bridal bouquets, a special language only trained florists understand. The words ‘cascade,’and ‘pageant,’ may seem like words out of a beauty contest, but in fact these are words that describe the shape of the bouquet. (A  cascade bouquet is one where the flowers are arranged as if spilling from a waterfall, while a pageant bouquet is categorized by especially long stems.)

While the shape, floral choice and design of your bouquet are important, the use of colour is more. Colour is what onlookers see first, it is the medium used to match your dress, and that of your bridesmaids. The effect of colour is immediate and fresh. When done right, colour will bring out your best qualities, even highlight the colour of your eyes.

The shape of your bouquet, on the other hand, is important on more of a structural level. Keep all the other aspects in mind, but let colour be your primary focus, and you won’t go wrong.

If you get really stuck deciding on your bouquet and all the talk of peonies and tulips, lilies and roses is doing your head in, opt for the ‘Surprise Bouquet’. The Surprise Bouquet is exactly what it sounds like: a surprise. Before your wedding day supply your florist with swatches of your dress, the colour palate of your bridesmaids dresses, and a few of your preferred styles, then leave the actual design of your bouquet in the capable hands of your florist, and pick up the finished bouquet on your wedding day. No doubt it will be nothing less than divine, and you’ll have saved yourself the unnecessary headache.

May the flowers be with you.

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