3 things to look out for when choosing a wedding dressmaker

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Lovely – you’re getting married. Now comes all the super fun things you need to organize: finding a venue, securing hair and make-up artists, organizing bridesmaids. Oh, and did we mention the dress thing? Yes, as a bride you’ll need something perfect to wear, something beautiful and elegant and timeless and enchanting. Sound like a tall order? It is. But with the right dressmaker on hand, you will be on the way to achieving all of the above. Good dressmakers are like good cleaning lady’s – hard to find, but when you do, they will literally save your life. But in a world full of people who claim they can sew, how to go about finding the ultimate dressmaker? Here we bring you a list of 3 key things to consider when choosing a dressmaker. Read now, thank us later.


Will she lose her temper if you change your mind?

A good dressmaker needs to be good at more than just sewing. A good dressmaker should be able to hear you out, listen to your concerns, hear the stress rising in your voice – and not react to it. They should be able to remain calm even in the most trying of circumstances. They should be saint-like in their patience and be able to put you, as their client, first. See why we said they are hard to find?

How does she dress?

Dressmakers need to know about fashion. There, we said it. If a dressmaker is a complete whizz on the sewing machine and can hem with perfect precision, but has not an ounce of knowledge about trends, fashion or design, she may be able to create a beautiful dress, but you may also end up with a waistband that doesn’t sit in the best place or a dress so plain and unadorned it seems more like a night gown. Choose a dressmaker that dresses well herself, is passionate about clothing and fashion or at the very least has a stack of current magazines to use as a reference, and you’ll be more likely to walk out with a dress that reflects the fashion of today.

How much time does she have up her sleeve?

When it comes to choosing the right dressmaker, you should look out for one that has other clients besides you. This is a small indication that she is well liked for her work. However, you don’t want to start with a dressmaker who is so busy with other projects she has little time for you and your dress. By choosing a dressmaker who has ample time to dedicate to your dress, you can rest assured it will be ready on time and that you will get the individual attention you deserve.

Other things to take into account are personal testimonials from other clients that have used the dressmaker in the past. Testimonials are a great way to gain an insight into how the dressmaker works and can provide a ‘head’s up’ for things to be cautious of. In addition, reputable dressmakers will have photos of their previous clients wearing the clothing that were made for them. Don’t be embarrassed to ask to view these if they are not already on show. Keep all these things in mind and you can’t go too wrong. If you do, there is always the option of cutting a hole through your grandmother’s favorite lace tablecloth. Desperate times have a way of calling for desperate measures, and anyway, you’ve got to admit it could make a pretty awesome dress.



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