3 steps to achieving at-home honeymoon bliss

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3 steps to achieving at-home honeymoon bliss
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If words had accompanying pictures to go with them, the word ‘honeymoon’ would conjure up endless beaches with sand of gold. We all know honeymoons make a great post-wedding option. Who wouldn’t want to lie on a gorgeous beach? But there are times couples can’t go on a honeymoon after their wedding. If you happen to be one of those couples, do not fear, because help is here.

Stay-at-home honeymoons are more exciting than they sound. But many people don’t realise they can exist. Staging an at-home honeymoon is about creating your own personal haven in the comfort of your own home. Just like anything worth achieving, there are steps that can be taken and a method to follow to accomplish that feeling of bliss. Are you ready to find out how? Here’s our personal honeymoon-at-home guide:

The first, and probably most important, step to creating a stress-free environment for your honeymoon is to pretend technology doesn’t exist for a week. Technology is a wonderful thing. It keeps us in touch with each other, and informs us of the happenings of the world. But – and here’s the big but – however amazing we all agree technology is, the first step to creating a blissful, stress-free makeshift honeymoon is to eliminate all use of technology from your home. This may sound a little extreme, but think about this: if you were on a honeymoon in Fiji, would you really want to be interrupted 24/7 by phone or internet alerts? Great, so you’ve silenced your iPhone and unplugged your laptop – now what?

The next step to achieving that feeling of bliss is to quite simply create bliss. Creating bliss is easy once you realize that it only takes a few quick steps. First, it’s important to set the mood. Turn off all the main lights in your house, and instead move to the magic of pure candlelight. For the extra bliss factor use candles that are scented. Now it’s time to occupy yourselves doing relaxing activities. Bubble baths, especially when shared, are a great option, watching old classic movies, another one. Choose activities that are fun for both you and your new husband. Leave the world behind, it can wait.

So you’ve disconnected ourselves from technology, you’ve created an ambience in your home environment, but what else can be done for ultimate honeymoon results? The real fun starts now. Once you’ve turned your home into a haven, it’s time to venture out of it. But you can’t just go to the supermarket to do your weekly shopping, no, no. You must go dine in fancy restaurants with your husband, take adventurous day trips, maybe even try hot air ballooning. In other words, you must act like you’re away on a honeymoon, doing all kinds of wonderful things, even when you’re not.

And that is how we go about achieving that at-home-honeymoon bliss. Impossible? Definitely not. Achievable? Very.

Now go forth and honeymoon away.



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