3 of the best bomboniere ideas for your wedding

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Many customs related to weddings initially started with tradition. Take the concept of giving each guest a bomboniere, for example. Back in the day, these little bundles of wedding favours, wrapped up delicately and given to each guest were used to symbolize wishes of health and good fortune. Today, while the positive intentions for the future may still exist, bomboniere are largely used as another layer of sweet icing to top of the delicious cake that is your wedding.


The great thing about giving your guests these treats is that there is no limit to how creative you can be when it comes to choosing the style and contents of your bombonieres, and with so many personalised options, any of your dreams can become a reality. But with such a huge field to be creative in, it can be hard to come up with the perfect bomboniere ideas. Ideally, your bombonieres should be tasteful and fun and leave your guests feeling extra special. To cut out some of your research we bring you 3 of the very best ideas.

It’s all in the packaging

Wedding Bomboniere ideas

Wow your guests with amazing packaging!
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When it comes to bombonieres, presentation is everything. Your wedding favours need to be encased in something, so why not devote a bit of time into what the best something is. If, for example, your fiancé proposed in a hot air balloon, why not carry that theme throughout and encase your bombonieres in a canvas drawstring back with a hot air balloon printed on it? Remember, you can be as literal as you like, but also as abstract. Other things that make great looking bomboniere packaging include miniature bottles and birdcages, laser cut boxes, shot glasses and salt and pepper shakers.

Keep it personal

Bomboniere Ideas for your wedding

Keep your theme running throughout the day … or sailing if that suits you better!

Bombonieres should have that added personal touch, as this is the factor most remembered by guests afterwards. Ways to keep it personal include having individual gift tags for each guest, choosing gifts that are both pretty and practical and tailoring the gifts to the clientele that will be at your wedding. To add more of a personal touch, bombonieres can also be handed to each guest directly by the bride and groom. Keeping things personal is just another way to guarantee your wedding will be remembered.

Think about the symbolism

There is a reason why people generally don’t give razor blades or pocket knives as bomboniere. Besides for the fact that these items do not usually complement the vibe and décor of a wedding, giving an object such as a razor blade can seem like bad luck to even the most rational amongst us. To steer clear of this kind of negative symbolism, treat your bombonieres as part of your wedding décor. Think: dried flowers, messages of inspiration, traditional sugared almonds, candles and soap.

So you’ve got the outline now, so all that’s left to do is to figure out what your bombonieres will be. Easy, right? If you’re still struggling with ideas, hop online and do some quick searches. The possibilities for bombonieres are literally endless. All you’ve got to figure out is your budget and exactly what your wedding favours will be. If you come up with an idea so totally awesome and incredibly unique, but you know with complete certainty it’s never been done before, think again. For every outrageous idea, there is someone, somewhere, who can help make it happen for you. Good luck.



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