3 important tips for choosing a makeup artist for your wedding

By September 17, 2013Blog, Hair & Makeup
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It goes without saying that brides want to look their best on their wedding day. Luckily, with the help of a crew of trained professionals, you can. Makeup artists and hairstylists are the magic fairies of weddings. Arriving nice and early, they whip out their tools and sparkle powder, dust you with fairy dust and voila – you look a million dollars. But in the fairy world of makeup artists, you have to find one with the ability to create this magic.

There are good makeup artists and there are brilliant ones. Of course, the idea is to find a brilliant one. An excellent makeup artist will be able to take the blank canvas of your face, tired, pale and splotchy, and turn it into a glossy masterpiece. But how do we go about finding these magic-makers?


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Go by recommendations
Yes, word of mouth wins again. When you’re hunting for the right makeup artist, you’ll find that the more you investigate the more options you become aware of. Narrow down your selections by asking your friends who they used. Inquire about things like the makeup artist’s personality and manner. The ideal makeup artist can work well under pressure so finding out these details is just as important as finding out how skilled they are at their profession.

Ask for a portfolio
Like any artist, a good makeup artist should have a portfolio of bridal photos she’s happy to share with you. Look through these photos and decide if her style is one that will work for you. Depending on the portfolio you’re viewing, you’ll generally find that makeup artists work similarly across their practice. For example, some will tend to opt for the smoky eye effect and nude lips, while others will naturally gravitate towards the bold red lip and underplayed eyes. Although makeup artists can tailor the look to your needs, it’s still helpful to get an idea of their individual style.

Trial all the way
Most professional makeup artists will offer a makeup trial before your wedding. A trial basically involves meeting with the artist and discussing the look you want to achieve. The makeup artist will then do your face as if it were your wedding day. The key here is communication. Discuss with the makeup artist which aspects you liked and which you didn’t. Don’t hold back because you’re afraid of offending his or her feelings. Now is the time to be totally honest and frank. If you fail to be honest now there is a good chance you won’t be completely happy with your look on your wedding day. When you find the artist you’re happy to go with, book them immediately as good makeup artists can sometimes be booked months in advance.

You might find that you’ll need to do a little ‘makeup-artist-shopping’ until you find the right one. This is normal. It just means you’re holding out to find one that you’re perfectly happy with. Keep in mind that it’s important for you to feel comfortable with them as a person as well as in the way they handle their job as a make-up artist. A good makeup artist will be skilled at applying makeup but just as skilled at relating to people.

When you do find the right one count your lucky stars, sit back and let them work their magic. That’s their job after all.



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