3 good reasons why you should have a wedding dance

3 good reasons why you should have a wedding dance
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Wedding dances are one of those things many couples choose not to partake in. Too much fuss, they might think, too much practicing. The truth about wedding dances is that they do involve fuss and practicing. But they are also quite a lot of fun to do, and an opportunity for couples to bond in an entirely different way.


If you’re sitting on the fence over whether or not to do a wedding dance with your partner, here we’ll tell you exactly why you should get off the fence and into a dance studio now – even if it means dragging your fiancé by the ears.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason: wedding dances are fun, plain and simple. You do not have to be a professional dancer to find them fun. In fact, if you don’t take the whole thing mega seriously you will end up enjoying the process even more, and on the plus side, your dancing will improve because you won’t be self-conscious. So go into that dance studio willing to be a little silly, and you and your partner will be forgetting your age and giggling like 10 year olds before you know it.

Wedding dances are also great for injecting your wedding with your unique personality. They are a way to let your guests know how you feel about your partner, and a way of letting them in on the connection you share. They are also an opportunity for personalizing your wedding and making it special. Remember, it’s all about the small details. So choose your soundtrack carefully and try to add as much of your personality as you can.

The most important reason you should do a wedding dance, however, lies in the dance itself. While learning and practicing your dance, you will get a chance to strengthen your relationship with your partner, in a completely new way. It’s not every day that you get to learn how to work in sync with your partner, matching each other’s moves, step by step. While to some, this process may seem overwhelming, now is your chance to lean into your partners embrace and see just how much you can both achieve. After all, two left feet never killed anyone.



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