3 fail-proof methods for staying in shape before your wedding

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Stress is like a monster. It lies in wait and attacks when least expected, infiltrating our normal, healthy selves with the all-consuming messiness of it. But however ugly and off-putting stress is, it’s only normal for it to affect us in the months and weeks before our wedding.


If you’re going to do anything well, you’ll need some motivation!

Among other things it is capable of, stress can wreak havoc with our diets, and in the worst case scenarios, can contribute to us putting on an extra few kilos in the time leading up to our wedding. To many brides just the thought of this extra weight gain is enough to send them into hysterics. We recognize that stress can work against us in the weight department and know the horror of not fitting into our dress. With this in mind, we have compiled an abridged guide to helping you get through those challenging few weeks so that you can look and feel your best on your wedding day. Here we present you with 3 fail-proof methods for keeping your body trim and your mind and soul balanced and healthy.

Avoid fad diets


Fad diets? Really ?

Fad diets are called ‘fads’ for a reason: they come and go. They are not consistent and anything that is not consistent will fail to work well over time. Humans were designed to eat, so diets that promote things like skipping breakfast or heavily reducing your food intake before your wedding will not have lasting (or healthy) results.

Maintain a healthy, nutrient-rich diet


Eat good… Feel good ! Duh !

We’ve heard it all before so now it’s really just a matter of following it. A good diet should be balanced. It should incorporate as many ‘real’ foods as possible. By ‘real’, we’re referring to wholesome, natural and unprocessed food options. Drinking water is not a choice, but a necessity, as is sitting down to eat 3 meals a day and including quite a bit of protein. Eat mindfully; stop when full and you’ll be on the road to a healthy eating plan.

The exercise factor


There’s always time for a last minute workout!

Once again, it’s something that’s been drummed into our heads since Primary School. Exercise is important – very important. But following a consistent exercise regime comes down to perseverance and a fair helping of motivation.

To assist with the latter 2 factors, try joining a sporting group or club that meets consistently. Team sports are especially good for helping dig up that motivation. You can also try partnering up with a friend a few times a week and exercising together. You’d be surprised how much easier it is when you have an actual commitment to meet.

The next time the stress monster rears its ugly head, shove it aside by telling it that you are doing everything you can to follow a healthy, balanced lifestyle so there is definitely no place for things like overeating or binging.

By avoiding fad diets that promise satisfaction but fail to provide it, you will be one step ahead to achieving the golden, healthy lifestyle you’ve committed yourself to. Pair that with eating a nutrient-rich diet, drinking plenty of water and steadily sticking to an exercise regime and you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in no time.

Now where did that little stress monster go, anyway?



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