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2011 Winter Wedding trends- The Cape

29 March 2011 4,752 views Article By:

Last week at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival the word on the street when it comes to winter trends is most definitely without a doubt… the cape!

We here at Bride Online are LOVING this trend for winter brides as its both chic and functional! Too often winter brides are subjected to standing around in freezing conditions with blue arms, braving the cold for those “must have” wedding pictures, well, the humble cape solves all of these problems without compromising the overall look of your dress.

When looking for a cape, think fur collars, soft cashmere and delicate beading. Luxurious fabrics add that “something special” to your look and can be the perfect finish touch to your wedding gown. There are so many choices, long capes that flow behind you, short capes that cover bare shoulders, embellished capes with amazing detail. Capes, Capes, Capes. The cape allows you to create an outfit within an outfit and can be included into bridesmaids outfits as well!

Have you seen any capes from this winters collection? What do  you think?  If you were having a winter wedding, would you wear a cape?

Image: Vera Wang

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