10 Reasons the Winter (Wedding) is Coming
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As they say in Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. While this might be bad news for our friends in the seven kingdoms it does not have to be for the Australian bride.


Many brides dread a rainy day or shivering guests and the image in their head of a winter wedding is filled with wet hair nightmares or muddy shoes. This does not have to be the case! Not only can a winter wedding be beautiful, the imaginative bride can create a truly magical setting that all of her guests will always remember.

If you have not yet considered braving the cold for your big day, take a look at our top ten reasons on why a winter wedding is a winning wedding:

10. Snow

For the bride who lives in the mountains or snowy areas, this is a no brainer. Trade the popular Aussie beach wedding for a truly white wedding in a snow setting. Obviously talk to local venues about providing appropriate walkways and covered areas for your guests but the winter bride goes in knowing exactly what the elements might do and will definitely have a wet weather plan in place.

9. A Log Cabin or Ski Chalet Honeymoon

There is more to honeymoon life than tropical villas and island holidays. We know we know……. Escaping to the sun and sand really is a beautiful way to spend your time together but don’t count out a very romantic getaway with an open fire and nothing but alone time with your new life partner.

8. Photography Opportunities

Imagine the possibilities for stunning scenery photography in a cooler climate. Plus there’s the added bonus of needing to warm each other up during the photo shoot so there will be plenty of embracing and kissing shots. The light in winter can provide brilliant pictures and the opportunity to use candles, tea lights and other props that will make photos truly special are endless.

7. Colour Schemes

Deeper and warm winter colours will look amazing and striking in your wedding photos and can really liven up the reception venue too.

6. Discounts

Winter is still considered off season in Australia so chances are that venues might shave some serious dollars off the price and leaving you with more money for your honeymoon or house deposit!

5. Availability

Following on from the point above, because winter is off season here in Australia you might find that the venue booked solid throughout Summer is more available for a winter wedding. There is also no rule that states a beachside venue is only beautiful on a sunny day. Storms rolling in over a water view can be an incredibly dramatic backdrop too.

4. Follow Summer for the Honeymoon

Ok, we know we just talked up the beauty of a fireside honeymoon in the depths of winter BUT….. If you choose to get married in winter, you can also mix things up and escape to a tropical destination overseas where it’s sunny and send sun filled postcards to your friends and fam back home in the cold.

3. The Fashion

Dramatic lines, long, sleek sleeves and theatrical trains are just some of the more exciting options the winter bride can experiment with. Heavier and more detailed lace, crystals and pearls are more manageable on a cooler day too so consider how amazing the gown can be in winter.

2. Accessories

In line with a more dramatic gown, is the opportunity for dramatic accessories. faux fur stoles, gloves, winter weight coats  and much more from places like Embrace Bridal can be added to extend the day’s winter look.

1. Theme

If the idea of a theme wedding is up your alley, then a winter wedding is very much the time to tie the knot. Of course the familiar winter wonderland would be perfect but the sky is really the limit. Particularly die hard Game of Thrones fans might want to have a bit of fun with this theme but we advise that perhaps you don’t have any minstrels breaking into the song played at the ‘Red Wedding’ if you want your guests to enjoy themselves.

Whatever the season you choose, in the end the season, setting and weather is just the backdrop to the love story ahead. A winter wedding is definitely worth considering and in store now, we have stunning gowns for the whole bridal party to choose from.




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