Bomboniere, Keepsakes and Mementos in Australia

Your bomboniere or wedding favours, is your way of thanking your guests and commemorating the occasion. You want them to be fun and memorable keepsakes that also add a decorative touch to the table.

Traditionally, bomboniere has been 5 sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Nowadays it can be almost anything, from sweets to engraved silver! Think about the appeal it will have to the majority of your guests and remember that you can mix it up - put an assortment of items on the table.

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What you need to know about bonbonniere

What you need to know about bonbonniere

A much debated topic and it is completely up to you and your groom.

They are a nice gesture and many guests would like to go home with a small token to remember your special day but if you feel that they are not necessary for your wedding, do not feel obligated to give bonbonnieres..


All About Bonbonniere

Winter Bonbonnieres to Warm You From the Inside Out

Hundreds of candles, roaring fires, red wine and a hearty meal – it’s easy to see the appeal of a romantic winter wedding. For many brides it’s a tempting choice, because it’s unexpected and unusual, but it’s also more affordable as it’s out of season. If you’re looking for inspiration...

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Bonbonniere FAQs

What are bonbonnieres? Bonbonnieres are the favours or gifts given to the wedding attendees. They are usually given at the reception as a way of thanking everyone for coming to the celebration.  Why are bonbonnieres given? The tradition of giving gifts to wedding guests originated in France. Originally, small boxes...

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Bonbonniere Glossary

Bonbonniere: a small gift given to wedding guests as a way of thanking them for attending the wedding. Coaster: not a person who lives on the coastline. A coaster is...

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Wedding Bonbonnieres On a Budget

With all of the mandatory costs that need to be spent on the wedding, it’s no wonder that those that are optional- like the bonbonniere- get a last look in.

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How to: Organising Your Wedding Bonbonniere

Every moment of your wedding day will leave a lasting impression on you, but your guests might need something a bit more tangible than touching vows and gorgeous music. Wedding...

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