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Beauty Services, Wedding Makeovers in Australia

Of course you want to look your absolute best for your wedding day. There's a lot to consider. Firstly, one should make sure to be in the best of health when getting married so that you can really enjoy every aspect of the festivities.

Apart from that, the most popular items that brides make a special effort with are: weight-loss & fitness, eyelash & hair extensions, nails, skin-care, waxing, facials, teeth whitening and spray tanning to name a few. Check out our list of vendors providing beauty services for your wedding, here at Bride Online.

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How to look after yourself & get that bridal glow

How to look after yourself & get that bridal glow

The 'bridal glow' is an incredibly popular phrase that's become synonymous not just with health, but happiness But this glow certainly doesn't come au naturale..


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Nailed It! Our Definitive Guide to Nail Salon Treatments

What better way to show off your new, very sparkly engagement ring than by having an immaculate manicure to match? It doesn’t matter if you have brittle or torn nails, have trouble growing them, or you’re a biter – there’s a salon treatment to help your nails look instantly beautiful...

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Essentials: Getting Fuzz Free

Waxing, shaving, plucking, threading – there are countless ways to remove unwanted body hair, so you can be fuzz free on your wedding day. The pursuit to be smooth and silky is an ancient one, but luckily modern technology gives brides the opportunity to be hairless on their honeymoon. What...

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How to: Make Your Wedding Mani Last

When it comes to your wedding and honeymoon, you want every aspect of your beautification regimen to be -if not absolutely perfect- in its place and looking great. For nails-...

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Wedding Dance FAQs

What is the traditional significance of the first dance? The first dance is seen as a symbolic act of coming together and gracefully taking your first steps together as a...

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Beauty and Health Glossary

Airbrush makeup: makeup application process whereby trained professionals spray makeup onto the face, using an airbrush. This technique can be used as a thin layer of foundation for skin which...

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