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Melissa and Timothy

We decided early on to have a large engagement party with all of our family and friends, and a smaller, more intimate ce...

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Carly and Brett

Ecostudio Fellini had everything we wanted for the wedding and reception, we both fell in love with the natural setting ...

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Danielle and Richard

Our dream was to be married in a quaint country church – which we found 10 minutes away from our reception venue, Ecos...

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Alicia and David

We were looking for a wedding that was intimate and close, we wanted all the guests at our wedding to be special to us i...

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Cassandra and Daniel

Daniel wanted to arrive in style, after all, the groom normally arrives with a friend or family member while everyone wa...

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Candice and Brad

After the engagement Brad was very keen to make me Mrs Lunn, but I had one catch! I wanted to be married on a particular...

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Janelle and Hagan

Our wedding was the 7th June in the Dandenongs. Poet’s Lane was our venue and it was magical. The misty drive up the...

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Steph and Matt

I had so many expectations about what the day would be like and although there were a few hiccups throughout the day, fo...

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Rebecca and Cliff

Cliff and I both wanted a sophisticated, though casual and fun, wedding. Planning a Brisbane wedding from Sydney (to...

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Rene and Benjamin

I'm sure every bride would say it was perfect but this really was! We purposely chose 2012 to hold our wedding to g...

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